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Casino jackpots: how much can you win

Jackpots are understandably hot because, at casino jackpots, you can quickly rake in huge winnings. But how exactly do jackpot games work in the casino, and how do you secure big wins?

Casino progressive jackpots

You will always find the really high winnings in progressive slots. These are games where the jackpot keeps increasing. This is possible because a small part of each player’s bet goes into the big total jackpot.

And sooner or later, these are actually cracked – there have been some players in the past who suddenly became multiple millionaires. You can also find plenty of jackpots to bet on at secure sites.

Fixed Jackpots

In addition to progressive jackpots, many online slot machines have a fixed jackpot. As the name suggests, these main winnings do not continue to increase. Instead, you can simply check the paytable to see what it takes to hit the maximum jackpot.

For example, you have to play with the highest bet and make it to a bonus round – but the rules can vary here. Certain symbols can also bring you an above-average win. We are talking about wild jackpots, for example, when multipliers are applied when wild symbols appear.

Popular Jackpot Games

Let’s take a closer look at the most popular progressive slots:

Popular jackpot slot games screens

From the names, you can already see that these slots can not only be lucrative. They are entertaining on top of that – and take you into very different themed worlds. Quite automatically, you will always hope for a really big win.

With Mega Moolah, the world record was over 26 million CAD. In contrast, the Joker Millions record was “only” 11.5 million CAD – but we are sure that every player would be very happy about this win.

To have the best chance of winning the big jackpot, you should always familiarize yourself with the game rules. Also, it is recommended to play with real money. Whether you can play a jackpot slot with a bonus depends on the game.